Best way to clean carpet at home – 2017 Updated

best way to clean carpet at home
Literally, people often spend money when they hire a professional company to clean the carpet. Generally, folks don’t clean carpet at home because they think that it is daunting and time-consuming. Literally, cleaning carpet at home is neither too difficult nor time-consuming, if you know the proper way and willing to save some money from spending on professionals. Daily household products prove the best way to clean carpet at home; you just need to use them properly to clean your carpet. So in this blog, we are sharing some useful tips which will help you to clean the carpet at home efficiently.

Shaving cream – When it comes to removing most types of carpet stain, you don’t need to call any professional company, rather an ordinary shaving cream proves effective to remove stains. Apply shaving cream directly to the stains and wait for about thirty minutes. In this way, stains will be removed quickly and save ample of time.

lemon juice table saltLemon juice and table salt– Lemon juice contains potassium, zinc and sodium that prove effective in removing rust stains. Apply lemon juice and table salt on the rust stain and leave it for approximately half an hour. After that clean place with a cotton cloth.

We stopped cleaning our houses with lemon water and vinegar like our mothers did, and we clean with chemicals. We’re breathing chemicals, and then everyone wonders why cancer is the biggest killer.
Suzanne Somers

ice cubesIce cubes- If you want to remove nasty chewing gum from the carpet, then ice cube is the best. Freeze the gum with ice for thirty seconds and then remove frozen gum with a spoon.

dishwasher detergentDishwasher Detergent – If there is an oily or greasy stain on the carpet, then dishwasher detergent is the best way to clean the carpet. Mix grease cutting agents like dawn or detergent with water and spray it on the stain. It will remove the stain soon.

vinegar dawnVinegar- Clean carpet with vinegar and dawn. Mix the white vinegar and dawn in a cup and spray it on the stained area, then leave it for 15-20 minutes. Press clean sponge on the area again and again until the sponge absorbs the solution and removes the stain. Rinse the area with warm water and let the carpet dry in the sun for a day.

flat iron to remove candle waxFlat Iron- Use a flat iron to remove the candle wax. Put a clean cloth over candle wax and the Iron on top of the cloth and heat it up for a few seconds. Use a butter knife to scrape off the wax. Repeat this process several times until stain is removed completely.

baking sodaBaking soda- Use baking soda to eliminate the foul odour from the carpet. Spread baking soda on the carpet and it absorbs the odour. Even you can use it to eliminate the domestic and industrial odour.

hydrogen peroxideHydrogen Peroxide- Hydrogen Peroxide is the effective cleaning agent to clean a carpet at home. It removes the blood stain effectively than any other cleaning agents. Spray H2O2 on the stain directly and leave it for 15 minutes, and then clean the place with lukewarm water.

milk cornstarchMilk and Cornstarch- Rub a paste of milk and cornstarch on ink stain and leave it overnight. Remove ink stain with a scrub brush next morning.

Alcohol- Alcohol is the best way to clean carpet yourself for glue on the carpet. Take a soft cloth, pour some drop of alcohol on it and clean the area.

Wrapping It Up- Literally, it is almost impossible to maintain the cleanliness of the carpet. But for deep cleaning, it is advisable to hire professionals for the job otherwise, for small stains and grime, you can help yourself. Cleaning carpet at home is not a big deal. A little knowledge about cleaning material and common sense can save your hard cash. Zerospot is the leading and affordable cleaning agency in Melbourne; from the past decade, the company is providing top-notch cleaning services in Melbourne at an affordable price. The company specialises in carpets cleaning, end of lease cleaning, after builder cleaning, commercial cleaning and variety of others cleaning services.